Native Plants of West Torrens

Looking for native plants for your garden that are attractive, water-wise and provide habitat for local wildlife? The Native Plants of West Torrens is a searchable database that provides information on over 50 native plants that would have occurred across the area now occupied by the City of West Torrens prior to European settlement.

Many of the species have an extended flowering period and will add colour and life to any garden. Discover which native plants are best for you by finding out what conditions they need, flowering times and even what native wildlife or insects they can help to attract.

Search the database online or on your mobile phone, making it perfect for when you next visit one of the specialist native plant nurseries across Adelaide.

Whether you're looking to landscape your entire garden with native plants or just incorporate them into an existing garden, the Native Plants of West Torrens database can help you find the right plant for the right place.

How to search for plants

Search the entire database

Under 'search for plant type' ensure 'all types' is selected. Click Search to view a list of all plants on the database. Scroll down the list to search for plants and click on the plant name for further information.

Find a plant by type

Click in the box under 'Search for plant type.' Scroll down the list and click on the type of plants you want to view and click Search.

Search for a specific plant by name

Are you looking for a specific plant? Search the database for plants by their common name by typing in the box 'search for plant name' and click Search.